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Međimurski ceker pays great importance to the protection of personal data of our website visitors. Međimurski ceker implements a privacy policy which regulates the treatment of the information we collect through our website.

Personal information is the kind that can identify you, such as your first name, phone number or email address (in the text below as personal information).

Browsing our website is anonymous and we do not collect data that would allow your personal identification. Međimurski ceker collects data on your computers, such as your, browser type, country, platform, and access time. Međimurski ceker uses this data to collect statistical data, visitor analysis, and improving access to the site.

Međimurski ceker may, in special cases, collect personal data when we need such information because of the Email application to public calls, contests and etc. On that occasion, the purpose of collecting personal data is precisely determined and this data cannot be used for other purposes. This information may include your first and last name, VAT number, address, phone number, email address, employment information, and so on.

Međimurski ceker commits not to make any personal data available to third parties in any way, and that after fulfilling its purposes it will be deleted. Your freedom of choice is whether or not you will give us your information in such a case. By entering the data in the foreseen fields, you confirm that you have given us the privilege and have made available the data to use for the purposes for which the data was collected.

You have the right to inspect, correct, supplement, or delete any given data at any time.

At any time, you have the right to waive your privileges to process your information and request the termination of their processing. We keep your personal information as long as necessary to fulfill the purpose of data collection.

The Međimurski ceker website uses cookies. According to EU rules, we are obliged to request your consent. By using our website, you agree to use cookies.

Cookies are small files that are stored on your computer while browsing the internet, usually when you first visit the website. Websites using cookies can remember your activities or settings and the next time you visit the same page, they can automatically apply them. The website “knows” that you’ve been already here and, in some cases, adjusts what you see on the screen.

They can be used to save the passwords or forms that you have filled out. Generally speaking, the purpose of a cookie is good-natured, not harmful and cannot infect your system with a virus. It allows the user to have a better experience while browsing the website. Cookies do not contain information that can identify you, so your privacy is protected.

Međimurski ceker makes great efforts to ensure the security of personal data and to protect them against loss, destruction, forgery and unauthorized access to data as well as unauthorized disclosure.

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